Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sci-fi SFX

1. Clunk. This one was made from a video clip of an old tractor engine I shot last year. I used Adobe Audition (for all sound effects) to isolate a small section of noise and then added some effects, like DeEsser and Dynamic Processing. It’s basically just a clunking noise to be used if a robot bumps into something.
2. Power surge. Also from a clip of an old engine, popped into Audition, run through a gamut of effects and stretched. I suppose it could be used for a robot when his wires fry.
3. Walking robot. Another tiny clip pulled from an engine video, run through a ton of filters and then duplicated to create a pattern. The clack at the end of each cycle was a separate layer added to simulate the robot’s metallic foot hitting the floor.
4. Another walking robot. Similar to the other walking robot sound, this one was simply stretched out and adjusted slightly. Probably one of my favorites.
5. Clicking machine. One of the purest sounds from an old engine. I grabbed a tiny clip, ran it through some effects and duplicated it for length. Can be used in a lot of different ways.
6. Hissing machine. Similar to the other machine, but run through a stronger DeEsser and the harsher clicks were cut out. Also a versatile background noise.
7. Clanging iron. Taken from a video clip of an old iron bell. Time between clangs was cut out, and the leftovers were run through some filters.
8. Background hum. The base for this sound was actually pulled from another video clip I shot last year of a demolition derby. Roaring car engines created a consistent base, while the effects softened it and made it more subtle. Can be added to a background to fill it out.
9. Robotic birds. Basically just a clip of birds chirping and run through some filters in Audition. Just a fun one to play with.
10. Futuristic food machine. The original sound was of an elevator dinging and a door in a stairwell closing. Layered together and tweaked in Audition. Can really be used for anything.
11. Closing door. The same noise as the door in the previous clip, just tweaked a little differently.
12. Hydraulic levers. Same as the first walking robot clip, but without the added clacking layer. Can be used for a soft sawing noise, levers on an engine, or whatever.

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