Saturday, December 6, 2014

Internship at Bunim-Murray

I'm so thankful to have worked with the folks at Bunim-Murray these past three and a half months. While interning with them, I've had the the opportunity to work in the story department on Total Divas, as well as for the casting, development, and operations departments. It's been an incredible behind-the-scenes look at the making of great TV.

I've learned how to update hot sheets and scene logs, as well as how to write interview questions for cast members, do outreach and casting calls, cut footage in Avid, and transfer the main phone line.

Thanks to everyone at Bunim-Murray!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Graphic Design: Semester-In-LA

This is the logo I made for Ohio University's Semester-In-LA program.
I wanted to mix a fun, California flavor with our classic Bobcat mascot.
Used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6.

Graphic Design: Jehoshaphat Jones

A graphic I made specifically for an animated film pitch.
I wanted a classic cartoon look in an Old West atmosphere.
Used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ramblings on Animation

I am so fascinated by the immense world of possibilities that animation opens up for visual storytelling. New types of characters, unreachable locations, and otherwise unattainable camera angles and lighting effects make animation a unique venue for telling outlandish, yet totally relatable stories. For a class this past spring, I wrote a paper on this subject. Click here to read my paper.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Graphic Design: The Corner

I did some more design work this summer using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign CS6. This was a fun project that now hangs on the front of my family's new pizzeria.

Monday, May 5, 2014

OHIO Women Through the Decades

I helped edit this documentary as a practicum with Ohio University in the summer/fall of 2013. My tasks included scouring the old Ohio University yearbooks and archives for photos and video footage, as well as working from a script to cut and arrange interviews, and then editing in Final Cut Pro 7. It was a great project, and I'm thankful to Andie Walla for allowing me to work on it with her.

Students' Views on Leadership

This is one of the videos I was assigned to produce while working for University Communications and Marketing at Ohio University. I helped operate the camera for some of the exterior student shots. I also organized and conducted some of the interviews, which was a great experience for me. And I chose music, designed the look of the chapter intros, and edited the footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. A great project, and I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to work with UCM as a PACE student during Spring semester.

A few other videos I helped with at UCM:
Word on the Street: Student Leadership (I did the editing, as well as some camera work)
Giving Back is Automatic for OHIO Athletics Department Staffer (I helped edit)
Word on the Street: Volunteering (I conducted the interviews)
The OHIO Undergraduate Tuition Guarantee Program (I helped set up camera and lights)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inspirational Video - Patience and Perseverance

This is a found film for a class project. All video clips and music were found on YouTube, and everything was patched together in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Joyce Meyer is the speaker. Look for her on YouTube!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Music Video - Try

This was a found film project for MDIA 1020. The song "Try" was performed by Pink, and the video footage was all found on the internet. Everything was patched together in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Short Script - Cats in Cannes

This is a story about two French, crime-fighting cats, Felipe and Luis, who risk their lives to rescue a stolen diamond. It's the first script I've written specifically for animation. It was a great class project, and I really enjoyed receiving feedback on it from my instructor and classmates. Click here to read my short script.

Newspaper Design - The Circleville Herald

These are some of the layouts that I made for The Circleville Herald while working for American Consolidated Media (ACM) in Athens, Ohio. I earned an Associated Press award for the "best page one layout" in 2013. The designs pictured below were created in Adobe InDesign CS5. It was a great experience working for ACM. I learned to work under intense deadlines, and I know it's going to help me in future work.

Film crew experience

I enjoy helping on film crews whenever the opportunity arises. I've helped two MFA students with their films at Ohio University. I typically serve as a grip and help set up the lights. But I've also had the privilege to be an extra in movies on several occasions. I'm looking forward to growing my skills in all areas of production in the coming years.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Instructional Video - Adobe InDesign Paragraph Styles

This is an instructional video that I made for a class project. InDesign is a lot of fun to use, so I hope you're inspired to try it. You really can't go wrong with weird cat pictures scavenged from the internet.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Audio Redo - Wizard of Oz

This was a class project that I did with Kristin Weiss. We recorded dialogue and then edited everything together in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Business and Web Design

This (Faith Builders)  is a website that I designed with HTML and CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. Web graphics were made in Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS6. I also did the photography/graphics/package designs for the products. Book layouts were done in Adobe InDesign CS4. DVD/CD covers were made in Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS6. Videos were created in Pinnacle Studio 14 (since it was before I learned Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut). The shopping cart was (I disabled it now, since I'm not selling anything) CartThrob, and the content management system was ExpressionEngine2.

I also learned how to acquire ISBN and barcode rights, as well as edit the book text for grammar and punctuation. Setting up a promotional table at a homeschool convention was one of the most unique experiences I encountered while working on this project. And integrating a shopping cart with the website was the most challenging. Coding for hours hurts my brain. But, it was a great learning experience that I hope will also bless other people. Thanks to my dad for writing the books! He has a heart to help others learn and grow. And thanks to my mom for recording the audio and putting in countless hours in a quiet room with a microphone and Pro Tools!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Interview with Ying Yang

Audio documentary: Interview with Ying Yang

Ying Yang is an aspiring director from China. He is currently studying video production at Ohio University. This interview was recorded on a Tascam DR-100 field recorder and edited in Pro Tools 10.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

That's the Way It Is - Cover Song remix

Cover song for a class project. We cut the music track up a bit and edited the footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. Thanks to Jane McGinnis, Sarah Norman, Rachael Colby, and Michael Maurer. A great crew for a fun project.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Campus Gospel - Christian Film

This was a family project last year. My father wrote the text and my mother recorded the audio. I shot the video with a Canon 5D Mark II and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Your OHIO Film Festival 2013 - "Most Humorous"

I used a Canon 5D Mark II to capture video. Also used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and add sound effects. Won the "Most Humorous" category in the 2013 Your OHIO Film Festival.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Entourage Commercial

This is a commercial my classmates and I produced with a Canon XL2 for an entrepreneurship project. Thanks to Xin Li, Brian Adams, Sarah Jamieson, and Noah Howkins for being a great team!!

Through the Seasons

Just some cellphone camera photos I took during my junior and senior years at Ohio University.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sci-fi SFX

1. Clunk. This one was made from a video clip of an old tractor engine I shot last year. I used Adobe Audition (for all sound effects) to isolate a small section of noise and then added some effects, like DeEsser and Dynamic Processing. It’s basically just a clunking noise to be used if a robot bumps into something.
2. Power surge. Also from a clip of an old engine, popped into Audition, run through a gamut of effects and stretched. I suppose it could be used for a robot when his wires fry.
3. Walking robot. Another tiny clip pulled from an engine video, run through a ton of filters and then duplicated to create a pattern. The clack at the end of each cycle was a separate layer added to simulate the robot’s metallic foot hitting the floor.
4. Another walking robot. Similar to the other walking robot sound, this one was simply stretched out and adjusted slightly. Probably one of my favorites.
5. Clicking machine. One of the purest sounds from an old engine. I grabbed a tiny clip, ran it through some effects and duplicated it for length. Can be used in a lot of different ways.
6. Hissing machine. Similar to the other machine, but run through a stronger DeEsser and the harsher clicks were cut out. Also a versatile background noise.
7. Clanging iron. Taken from a video clip of an old iron bell. Time between clangs was cut out, and the leftovers were run through some filters.
8. Background hum. The base for this sound was actually pulled from another video clip I shot last year of a demolition derby. Roaring car engines created a consistent base, while the effects softened it and made it more subtle. Can be added to a background to fill it out.
9. Robotic birds. Basically just a clip of birds chirping and run through some filters in Audition. Just a fun one to play with.
10. Futuristic food machine. The original sound was of an elevator dinging and a door in a stairwell closing. Layered together and tweaked in Audition. Can really be used for anything.
11. Closing door. The same noise as the door in the previous clip, just tweaked a little differently.
12. Hydraulic levers. Same as the first walking robot clip, but without the added clacking layer. Can be used for a soft sawing noise, levers on an engine, or whatever.